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Logistics and Warehousing

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"We love working with the team at CSA. They know the industry inside out. They currently assist and manage the complete WHS for our business and now with their specialist expertise in HR as well, it was the perfect choice for our recent restructure. The team at CSA connect have a professional yet laid back approach that made the process so easy for us and our staff"
James, NSW

Service Sector

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" CSA is such a vital part of our business. We are a medium-sized business and needed support with our Workplace Safety, HR, and employee development/wellbeing. Partnering with CSA meant we had all major operational functions of our business in place and managed correctly to standard. CSA 's model allowed us to restart and run business the right way. This also meant not having a huge chunk of money taken out to pay for senior roles/wages. It has been incredible and working with them has created such a great team and company culture"

Franchise - Single and Multi-site

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"From our first encounter, CSA provided us with professional support beyond anything I’d experienced before. We had used many offshore outsourcing agencies previously; however, they just did not understand our state legislation and employer responsibility. Our employees were feeling the disconnect. Working with CSA meant they took the time to understand our business and work with our Employees, online and on premises. They competed a full business health check on our business to enable us to understand what is required so that we can achieve full compliance. This decision helped me land major council contracts, which has since grown my business to the next level. CSA continue to check in and ensure everything is going great. It is brilliant to connect with like-minded people who have a passion for what they do and the service they provide. My Advisor has been great support and the ability to ‘join the dots’ after 10 years in business has been insightful and beneficial"
Paul, QLD


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"I currently own a major manufacturing plant and have done so for over 10years. CSA solved a major issue I had been battling for some time. The past 5 years, I have had the ongoing issue of recruiting a HR and Training Manager for our business. Salary to recruit this function meant allocating a budget of $140k.p. at for this role. Joining CSA meant I did not need to look any further. Our CSA advisor goes above and beyond. She comes with professionalism and has such an outstanding approach. Our employees love working with her. Our Advisor now manages three major pillars in our company- this included HR, WHS and wellbeing”
Vince, QLD


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"Within 20 minutes of our 1st session, CSA identified the root cause of our problem. Over the next 2 sessions with our Advisor, we built an actionable plan focussing on the solution. This meant growth for us. CSA completed a detailed inspection and audit on our business. They then provided us with a detailed report with what would be required to achieve full compliance. These changes had and continue to have an immediate effect on our business, people, and brand. Perhaps equally importantly, CSA provided an understanding and system which meant all future changes can be bench-marked, tracked, and recorded to ensure we maintain business compliance and standards. It’s been great working with CSA and highly recommend!"


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Before we started to work with CSA, we had no knowledge about the essential business compliance records and importance of workplace safety processes and procedures. We did not really know who to talk to and did not have the budget to recruit an OHS and HR manager. CSA helped us address our issues. They conducted a full audit and inspection on our business, reviewing all our current processes and procedures and provided a detailed report with recommendations we should be considering avoiding future issues and fines. Partnering with CSA meant we were offering a safe and compliant work environment for our employees and customers. This experience allowed us to be more focused on our brand and helped us put together a plan which we refined each time we had a session with our Advisor. Working with CSA meant we had more time to really challenge our preconceptions and helped us think and brainstorm how to identify new areas of growth for our business. We enjoy working with CSA. The process is easy and worth every dollar spent."
Ross, VIC


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"I found CSA's website while researching and needing a solution urgently after the latest COVID-19pandemic. I was interested to know what they had to offer and decided to send an enquiry to find out more. A team member contacted me to discuss the services they offer and explained how they can be of help to us. They booked me in and conducted a free audit and inspection on our business. It was great to understand face to face what they do and how much they had to offer. Subsequently we decided to work with CSA. The programs they offer and systems they provide in conjunction with their services helped us a great deal. We wanted to grow the business and knew that we needed some guidance; including improved online systems, training tools for our staff, guidance with employee development and assistance with a safety management plans, especially since the latest COVID-19 pandemic. CSA understand that no two businesses are the same and worked to tailor make a program that united our businesspeople and brand.It has been an amazing experience. We have happier staff, a safer workplace, and effective processes in place to minimise future issues. Highly recommended CSA."
Alex, NSW


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I genuinely cannot recommend CSA highly enough. They were incredibly personable, understood our business situation and what we wanted. Our Advisor worked hard with us to achieve this in our short time frame. Unlike other businesses that I had come across, they are honest, incredibly helpful, and you really feel that they are working for you and in your best interests, and not for themselves. Our staff enjoyed the training and loved the wellbeing program you have delivered. You are most definitely the contributing factor for our positive team culture and the recognition our brand is receiving today. Our employees love working for us, our customers trust us, and stakeholders want to do business with us. Business made easy! Thank you CSA"
Maryam, NSW

Construction & Civil

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“I have recently worked with CSA as we were ready to take our business to the next level. We are a fast-growing business so securing a company with the right support and tools meant all could happen quickly and professionally. We had been looking to partner with a support firm for a number of months now before engaging with CSA who quickly understood our requirements and delivered a quality report on our business within a few days. CSA had been fully briefed on our business situation as we needed to ensure that staff were comfortable with this change.I would certainly recommend CSA services to anyone looking to perfect the necessary functions of your business. We partnered with CSA and signed up to the complete program. This covered the 4 pillars of support, Workplace Safety, HR, well-being and environmental. Our staff are happier, our work environment is safer, our processes are up to date and compliant, yet we are down two major staff members, meaning we have saved on wages. For a small fee, CSA managed it all. Thank you.”
Roberto, SA

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