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As a builder business owner, I do wear the big hat but unfortunately, I do not have the time to do everything. Most of the time is spent visiting my work sites and rarely do I have the time to get to paperwork. I do understand the importance of workplace safety documentation, however I didn’t understand the importance of updating these continuously.

I wasn’t aware that I need to update my safety management plan policies and procedures emergency plans induction booklets contractor licensing etc until I spoke to the experts. I contacted Commercial Safety Australia – CSA, they met me in person, conducted a full inspection and audit and advised exactly what I needed to do. They assisted me by managing the complete compliance process. I now have a safety management portal with all my safety records. CSA created this specific for my company and different sites I have. This allows me to easily access my records by logging on to the CSA portal from my IPAD on the go.



As a franchisor it is detrimental to our business and brand that safety is always managed . There is an expectation from us as the franchisor to ensure each franchisee takes WHS /OH&S seriously and continues to manage these from their independently owned sites .

As part of the franchise agreement it is a requirement that each franchise site is WHS/OHS compliant for the safety of their staff customers and brand. As a franchisor, we have regional business managers that work with our franchisees on sales training and marketing. They do not have the capacity to also manage the safety component for every site in their territory. In saying this we came across CSA. They had a great tool in place which allowed us, the franchisor complete exposure of each site in our franchise network. We advised our network that we would be signing up with a third-party organization that was going to support and assess safety in every site across Australia through an inspection and audit process. The franchisees were happy to hear about this as they knew they had the support of an advisor that was going to be focusing on training staff and managing the documentation side of the business. Business Managers we all super excited, as this also provided them with a dashboard that allowed them to see each store in the network and understand what measures needed to be implemented to have them compliant to their state standard.

This tool was fantastic! It just meant that we had full exposure of records and so did they. It also meant we were diligent and scheduling quarterly audits and checks to take place through CSA. This held independent stores accountable. It meant each site needed to ensure that they were updating their records and keeping on top of their workplace safety. This allowed us to be a brand that could proudly promote, that we encourage and believe the importance of safety for our partners and customers.



We had an incident at work where work cover was assigned to investigate. We knew we had all our safety measures in place and that it would be an easy process.

We were not worried at all. It wasn’t until we were asked to provide certain documents that I hadn’t even heard of, and I began to panic. I didn’t know what to do. I assumed we had it all under control. We were a very organised company and have an assigned administrator to oversee all the OHS functions of the business.

It was only after this incident that I realised that an administrator was not experienced enough to perform this role and that I needed to appoint an OH&S person.

I was not in a financial position to recruit for an OHS Manager. I knew it would be a minimum of $80 K per year.
A business contact of mine recommended I speak to CSA as they had managed to complete all workplace health and safety for her business. She wasn’t wrong

They did it all. They came in onsite, conducted an audit an inspection of my business, reviewed what safety measures I had in place, took notes and understood what I did and didn’t have. A week later they met with me again and provided me with a detailed report specific to my business. It was then that I realised I had a lot to do. For a small fee, paid monthly, I partnered with CSA to implement train and manage my WHS for my business in 12 months I was compliant my staff were happier and I am much more relaxed I would highly recommend CSA



We thought we had our safety records up to date. After a serious accident, we realised we didn’t and most and almost lost our business.

We contacted the team at CSA and understood how they could step in to make the business a safer workplace for our staff.
CSA worked with us one on one onsite and implemented all the safety documentation, processes and procedures we needed to get ahead. They provided us with a custom made company portal which allowed us to have all our workplace safety documentation housed. We are more organised and look forward to our quarterly visits from our advisor.



I was worried that my WHS is not in place that I would be looked down upon as I had been running this business for almost 10 years and not taking safety records and documentation seriously.

When I spoke to CSA I was allocated a CSA advisor who assured me that as a third party organisation everything was kept strictly confidential.

The CSA advisor visited me in office, understood my company safety needs and came back to me with a plan on what needs to be done.

I was so grateful for the support and direction. I could have never done this on my own it was just not something I am familiar with.

The CSA team was genuine and the complete process was easy to follow. For a small fee, I could sleep at night knowing that my business was safety compliant. I was also provided with a certificate of compliance which I now include as part of my submission for tenders to all my new projects. Partnering with CSA has only made the process easier to win new contracts.



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